About Us

About Us

KoEco is a specialized corporation in ecology research and has developed wildlife tracking system. 

Until now, we are conducting projects in ecology research, wildlife habitat conservation,

wildlife diseases research, and wildlife migration. Through many years of wildlife research,

we have succeeded in developing an effective wildlife tracking system in 2014.

KoEco’s wildlife tracking system, WT-300 series are based on GPS and Mobile phone network,

and it can be used everywhere in the world within common communication network by global roaming.   

Currently, WT-300 is used for ecology and behavior research by attaching to various wildlife species

such as birds, mammals, and reptiles. Based on migration research know-hows, we provide technical

assistance regarding selecting devices and device attaching process to researchers who use WT-300

so they can get optimal results.

KoEco is constantly improving WT-300’s efficiency and developing technology until researchers who use WT-300

satisfy with our devices. Our development team hopes to be a partner with wildlife researchers in the world.